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Are you in a business selling products/services directly to your consumers?

Do you feel converting the prospects to customers is tiresome?

In this article, I will tell you about the four phases of marketing activity and how you can use them to convert your prospects to customers.


The first phase of any marketing activity starts with creating awareness of a product/service among the consumers.

To create awareness, you need content.

If you wonder what content is? let me explain.

Can you think of any newspaper/Television channel which only has advertisements without any news or programs?

It is impossible to have because people subscribe to it for gaining knowledge and having entertainment.

So the content is a platform to make people engage naturally.

You can use your website as your content platform.

This blog page is my content platform because I am using this to reach you.

The first phase of marketing starts with Content creation to create customer awareness of your product/service.

Flyers, posters, videos are different forms of content.

Once you have your content, you are good to go to your second phase of marketing, which is to publish the content.


You can publish advertisements on various content platforms like newspapers, television, and social media to attract the attention of your prospects and create interest in buying your product.

You might think that the market has to take care of your sales from hereon.

But the reality is different.

This strategy may work only for low-cost products and commodities like chocolates/food products/consumer goods etc.

People won’t consider asking for suggestions before buying these products since it is a low-cost product, they will buy and experience it.

The other side of the coin is, you cannot afford to have a sales team for low priced products because of low-profit margin.

But when you are selling a high priced product directly to the consumer, you need to have a different strategy.

Here is where the third phase of activity comes into the picture.

If you have read this article till here, you have exciting stuff coming down further!


In this phase, your customer would have moved from consideration to make a decision.

Any prospect approaches you with expectations to go from their current position to their desired position. You have to make sure that your product/service meets their expectations.

In short, You have to gain the trust of your prospects.

You need to pitch in at this point to start communicating with your prospects.

But wait, I can hear you asking, “where can I identify my prospects, how to contact them?”

Here comes the power of digital marketing!

If you check your mailbox right now, you can find so many messages from various companies and persons, most of whom you would have opted to get e-mail.

How did that happen? You might have entered your mail ID and name in exchange for the information you wanted to know.

So the key takeaway is to give information that interests your prospect to exchange their details with you for further communication.

You have to create a landing page for collecting their details before your prospect sees your content.

You can collect details like name, e-mail ID, and phone number, or in some cases, you can ask about their age, gender, and profession, etc.

But in general, a name, phone number, and email id are good leads, and using this you can gather more information about them in the future if needed.

It is termed as  lead because this leads to knowing your customer.

Now you will have the database of your prospects. With this data, you can start interacting with them directly to know their requirements and clear their doubts regarding your product.

E-mails, one- one calls/one-one personal meetings are good modes of communication to gain trust.

Conducting Interactive sessions like webinars/live events with your leads is more powerful so that the trust in you will become exponential when you address a group of people and answer their questions in a live session.


The final step in the marketing funnel is to close the deal and make your prospects become your customers.

The success of your marketing campaign depends on how you sell.

At the end of your discussion, you have to prompt your prospect for taking a call to action.

You can give attractive time-bound discounts or bonus products for prompting the prospect to transact so that you can close the deal.

I wish you to create a  CATT framework for your business and turn more of your prospects into customers.

I hope this article was useful to you. Please let me know by your comments and also share with your friends who might find this useful.

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