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Do you own a website for your business/personal blog?

If yes, have you developed a connection with your customers/readers?

You may think that your customers might follow you once you have the right product on your website.

But the reality is you need to work consistently to connect with your customers and retain them.

Are you Wondering how to do that!

It’s pretty simple! You need to understand your customer’s behavior and feed them with the content they like the most.

Let’s understand this with an analogy.

We all know that swiggy is a food aggregator company facilitating door delivery of foods through online orders.

But if you look at the grass-root level, It mainly focuses on connecting customers with hotels/restaurants.

How do they do it?

On the vendor front, They do it by measuring time-series-based demand prediction models that help hotels/restaurants plan for future demand.

This is done through data analytics and it is the main pillar of swiggy’s business model.

They generate data that measures the customer’s behavior like age, their food interests, and the preferred time when consumers are buying. This helps them rank restaurants and list items based on demand.

The data is a very valuable offer for the hotel business because most of the products are perishable, they cannot afford to keep it saved for the next day, and it’s a win-win scenario for both swiggy and their partners.

With this analogy, you can understand how data analytics helps business forecasts.

Now, What if you also have a tool to know your customer’s behavior and plan accordingly?

Wouldn’t that be exciting? Watch this video to know more!


What do you think about the importance of measuring blog traffic using google analytics?

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