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hey good to see you in mybloggingspace!

Welcome to the first blog page I have created ever.
In this blog space, I will be writing about recent digital trends in marketing and business practices.

A few words about me.

I am a mechanical engineer with a specialization in tool engineering. I have work experience of 10 years in the automobile industry. I was employed till 2019 and I chose to quit my job last year and I am managing my family business since then.

Why I started this blog?

The Covid19 lockdown was a major cutthroat for the manufacturing industry and I was not spared too, since ours is a small scale manufacturing industry.

That’s when I understood the power of digital technology and the importance of being independent of a single income source.

Needless to say, businesses dependent on the internet were functioning with lesser difficulties when compared with manufacturing industries/industries which are highly dependent on manpower.

This made me look for emerging trends in the digital space and after long research, I got to know about digital marketing and I was lucky as it matched my interest.

I understood that there are plenty of emerging opportunities in this field because marketing will exist as long as this world exists!

This blog is my first step in my digital marketing journey and I have a long way to go!